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"Coming To Alushta Again!"

As for me, Alushta is not only a brilliant place at the Crimea cost where you can always have a lot of fun to come to. It all here contributes to it — the salubrious air, the sea, the mountains. For me Alushta is an afterglow of my professional activity. My playing at Alushta tournaments became a kind of milestones in my professional career.
Being a 12-aged boy, I played my first tournament at Alushta in my very childhood as early as 1990. Taking at that time the third place at the extremely hard youngster tournament I won my first very decent at that time money prize which has become an additional motivation for more serious work on chess. My next visits to Alushta were concerned mainly with Kaissa boarding house and it's traditional tournaments on international class master and grand master titles.
I was always fond of round tournaments where membership was usually known beforehand and you could prepare for your future challengers seriously and single-minded. Besides, it is all clear in such tournaments as far as sporting aims are concerned. Unlike the open-tournaments where you often depend on vicissitude of casting, in the round-tournaments you primordially have a clear aim and if your play is good you can fight for a precious grade.
In October of 1998, being an International Master, I made a decision to play in one of the earliest not very known at that time tournaments at Kaissa boarding house.
Though the tournament itself was not a particular success for me, but experience of games with the strong rivals and hard work on the matches that had been played became a very important step on the threshold of my future success.
As early as the next tournament in November at the Chigorin Memorial in Saint-Petersburg I managed to share the first place and then during the 1999 I accomplished four Grandmaster grades at the Russian Cup Tournament and I managed to raise my rating up for 140 points.
The tournaments at Kaissa boarding house became a kind of a starting pad for many other young chess players. Since the very childhood the future world chess stars Sergey Karyakin and Katya Lagno raised here playing in different tournaments.
In March of 2001 I shared the first place with Teimur Rajabov which accomplished his last Grandmaster grade and became the youngest world Grandmaster of the world. Now, many years later I use to come to Alushta again but now do it as a trainer.
Alexander Goloschapov with his Indian students Shiven Khosla (in the middle) and Vaibhav Suri at Kaissa

My young apprentices can have here an outstanding possibility to learn while playing with stronger opponents. All necessary conditions for periodical training and relaxation are created here as well. I am often inquired on the Alushta tournaments far away abroad Ukraine. People know about Alushta, get interested and come here from different places of the world.
During that 10 years of holding tournaments at Kaissa boarding house a very interesting photo set was accumulated by me on life at boarding house, the tournaments that are held there, on its participants and the people owing to which comfortable and domestic surroundings were created there. That is why I decided to provide information on the main events that had taken place at Alushta during that period.
Most of the stuff have been taken from Ukraine Chess News Site by the authority of Grandmaster Mikhail Golubev.
As the city where international tournaments were regularly held, Alushta had been talked about since 1999 after carrying out tournament Alushta-II-99 (03.03.99 — 13.03.99). The well known Grandmasters Anthony Miles, Suat Atalik, Gennadi Kuzmin took part in the tournament. A little time has passed and many participants of the tournament have become Grandmasters — Vadim Malakhatko, Alexey Korotylev, Vladimir Rogovski, Dmitry Svetushkin. The tournament at Kaissa boarding house became beginning of a regular holding of the tournaments on International Grandmaster title and on International Master title.
International Grandmasters Anthony Miles (UK) , Suat Atalik (Turkey) , Vladimir Rogovski (Ukraine) at the Alushta tournament


And on April, 27 a female zone tournament started in Alushta at Kaissa boarding house. Anna Zatonskih has become a winner. Now she is a famous Grandmaster, she plays for the US team. Many participants have also dispersed all over the world. So Yelena Sedina plays for Italy. Anna Zozulia plays for Belgium, Inna Dubinka (Romanova) plays for Belarus. Irina Lymar left for Russia, Natalia Kiseleva left in Germany, Olga Alexandrova left in Spain and so on.


Since April of 1999 and till now team championships of Ukraine are annually held in Alushta.
In September of 1999 the Ukraine Open Championship was held in Alushta. International Grandmaster Gennadiy Kuzmin has become a Champion of Ukraine. In May of 2000 and April of 2001 open-tournaments held in Alushta were considered as a lap of the Russia Chess Cup (under the treaty with Russian Chess Federation). International Grandmasters Alexander Moroz and Vladislav Borovikov have won.
Series of tournaments for the grades of International Grandmaster and International Master are held in Alushta.
At the tournament hall of Kaissa boarding house 

In March of 2001 Teimour Rajabov accomplished International Grandmaster title and became the youngest World Grandmaster. In March of 2002 the tournament in memory of the first director of the Alushta Chess Club A. B.Puchko was held.
Vugar Gashimov the International Master from Azerbaijan won a Persuasive victory.

The tournament was remarkable because three famous chess players Vugar Gashimov, Alexander Areshchenko, Zahar Efimenko accomplished the Grandmaster standards while they had taken the lead over four Grandmasters and strong masters (famous Grandmasters by now) Yevgenij Miroshnichenko and Anton Korobov. And at the simultaneous tournament for International Master standards, Kateryna Lahno accomplished a female grandmaster standard and became the youngest World Grandmaster among women!

In April of 2002 Sergei Karyakin and Yevgenij Miroshnichenko accomplished a Grandmaster norm in Alushta. Sergey Karjakin became the youngest World Grandmaster when he had met another norm in Sudak. In May of 2002 Anton Korobov and Tatjana Vasilevich became Champions of Ukraine in Alushta. In May of 2004 Olga Alexandrova which had played very many tournaments in Alushta became a Champion of Ukraine. In 2005 Anna Ushenina which also had played a lot of tournaments in Alushta became a Champion of Ukraine.


Since 2009 there was a lot of chess-tournaments in Alushta.

At the photos: international masters (now Grandmasters) Tigran Nalbandian (Armenia) , Meelis Kanep (Estonia) , international Grandmaster Vladimir Malaniuk (Ukraine) examines a young master (now a Grandmaster) Mark Paragua (Philippines) at the Alushta tournament 
The tournaments are scheduled. All persons interested fitting the time constraints can take part.

International great masters Roman Ovetchkin (Russia) , Tejas Bakre (India) , Sergey Kalygin (Russia) and International master Yakov Geller (the second to the left) at the Alushta tournament

Chess players from England, Bangladesh, Denmark, Turkey, Germany, Finland, Israel, USA, Philippines, India, Tunis, Egypt, Hungary, Arab Emirates, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries played at Alushta tournaments.Representatives of Russia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Belorussia, Turkmenistan visit Alushta constantly. Many of the famous chess players — Karjakin, Eljanov, Radjabov, Moiseenko, Inarkiev, Gashimov, Efimenko, Areshchenko, Riazantsev, Miroshnichenko, Fedorchuk, Guseinov, Kuzubov, Drozdovskij and many others. Nearly all members of the Ukrainian national team, male as well as female were formated in Alushta.It was Alushta that made its contribution to their champion titles. Ukrainian Chess Federation regularly holds its main tournaments in Alushta.

International Grandmasters Oleg Romanishin, Alexander Moiseenko, Pavel Eljanov together with Alushta tournaments organizer Leonid Galperin advertise products of Ukrainian Chess Federation sponsor Obolon Company 

Many chess players, especially women, play at Alushta tournaments for training, for examination of one's forces. At the photo above International Grandmasters Khurtsidse Nino, Olga Alexandrova and Maja Lomineishvili analyze their parties with Grandmaster Gennadi Kuzmin at Alushta tournaments.

You could take a nap at some tournaments!

International Grandmasters Elina Danielian (Armenia) and Khurtsidse Nino (Georgia) sleep at the chess board, trying not to disturb) international Grandmaster Olga Alexandrova (Ukraine)

Alushta is not only the place to hold tournaments. Many chessplayers like this town and come to Alushta just to have a rest, look at the games of youth.

Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich watch and the game of a young master from Odessa Yuri Drozdovskij 

Many players hold their trainings in Alushta.

During the trainings in Alushta at Kaissa boarding house International Grandmaster Ruslan Ponamariov help kids to make their first steps in chess; International Grandmaster Gennadi Kuzmin hold trainings in Kaissa with Grandmasters Zakhar Efimenko, Alexander Areshchenko and Katerina Lahno 
Comfortable surroundings prevail at Alushta tournaments.A serious game can be reconciled with a rest by the sea shore. 

Andrei Kovalev (Belarus) and Anna Ushenina (Ukraine) at Kaissa boarding house. International Grandmasters Gennadi Kuzmin and Alexander Areshchenko on the beach 

International Grandmaster Anna Sharevich (Belorussia) loves Alushta! Grandmaster Yana Melnikova (Russia) is learning wind surf-riding on the Kaissa boarding house beach
Many chess players are taking their free time playing ping-pong
International Masters (by now Grandmasters) Paragua (Philippines) and Neelotpal (India) are playing together. International referee Nikolay Belousov (in the middle) have taught many people billiards 

You could not forget the traditional palaw by Veniamen Shtyrenkov (Russia).

International Grandmasters Zahar Efimenko, Yuriy Kuzubov, Alexander Areshchenko and Ruslan Ponomariov are celebrating the Chess Day together with Kaissa personnel

Come to Alushta and you will see everything with your eyes. You will never regret!

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