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    Interview with grandmaster Sergey Dolmatov

    The interview with Sergey Dolmatov was conducted in Alushta in Crimea, Ukraine, when three pupils of the Russian grandmaster participated in two June 2009 tournaments. The English translation is prepared by the Chess Today team.

    — What do you consider to be your highest success as a player?

    Open-tournament Alushta summer 2009

    An open tournament «Alushta summer 2009» which has already become traditional has started on the 28th of June. This year has not become an exception: after the ceremonial opening 27 participants of the tournament has seat to the chess board to fight for prizes. We anticipate the major battle to be between International Grandmasters: Kovchan Alexander, Ajrapetjan Yuriy, Andreev Eduard and Shtyrenkov Veniamen. To track the tournament and to see the list of participant click here
    Foto: International Grandmaster Kovchan Alexander (Ukraine

    The tournaments Alushta summer 2009-5 and 2009-6 have started

    15th of June was the start day of «Alushta summer 2009-5» – the GM tournament (look here) and «Alushta summer 2009-6» – the IM tournament (look here). The tournaments have gathered chess players from India, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. Both tournaments will be held till 25 of June.
    Foto: International Grandmaster Kovalev Andrey (Belarus

    The tournaments Alushta summer 2009-2 and 2009-3 have started
    On the 2-nd of June the GM tournament «Alushta summer 2009-2» (look here) and IM tournament «Alushta summer 2009-3» (look here) have started. Famous Grandmasters – trainers (Sergey Dolmatov (Russia)  Alexander Goloschapov (Ukraine)) have brought their students to the tournaments.

    Khader Sami is the winner of the GM tournament Alushta summer 2009-1

    The two round tournament «Alushta summer 2009-1» has finished today. Hader Sami, the chess player from Jordan, who took 13 points in 16 games has won the tournament. The second place took IM Kovalenko Igor who has 11 points; the third place took Amanov Zhanibek. To see the tournament table, pictures with tournament participants or to download the games click here

    Men and club teams Championship of Ukraine

    Men Championship of Ukraine will be held in Alushta from 10 till 20 of May 2009. Club teams Championship of Ukraine will be held in Alushta from 20 till 29 of May 2009. Tournaments will be held in Tourist Recreation Centre «Chaika» (Krasmoarmejskaya str. 11). The cost of accommodation in TRC «Chaika» is: accommodation in room for three persons — 60 hrivnas (hrv.) , in room for two — 70 hrv., in single room — 80 hrv., higher comfort room (for two persons) — 80 hrv. per person or 120 hrv. for one person accommodation. Three time feeding — 60 hrv. (breakfast — 18 hrv., lunch — 24 hrv., dinner — 18 hrv.). Participation conditions are on the site of Chess Federation of Ukraine.

    International chess centre in Alushta town

    Alushta city council had made a decision (№ 39/36 from 01.04.2009) to lease the 0,03 ha land plot to PC «International Chess Centre». This decision had put a point in a long process of approvals of lease contract for the construction of International Chess Centre in Alushta. Now we seek for the partners to invest in projecting and construction works. To receive more details and review the design project please click here.

    International Grandmasters Ruslan Ponomaryov and Zahar Efimenko are getting prepared for tournaments in Kaissa

    Everyday trainings interchange with sunbathes and sport games. They treat «Kaissa» as their home. They are loved and awaited here. First they came to «Kaissa» when they were just boys. But the hotel stuff likes them not because they are good at chess but for their warm and peaceful character and for responsiveness to people. And, probably, not everybody knows that they adore children.