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Ruslan Ponomariov – a winner of the super tournament in Dortmund (the secrets of training)

Traditional Tournament in Dortmund has ended with a clear-cut victory of the Ukrainian grandmaster Ruslan Ponomariov. Many people are interested how leading chess players prepare to such important competitions? Our small photo report will show Ruslan Ponomariov's method of preparation in the city of Alushta.

 team training Ruslan Ponomariov (left to right): MG Valery Yandemirov, chef (name kept secret for security reasons) , MG Alexander Moiseenko, MG Andrei Kovalev, MG Veniamen Shtyrenkov, IA Leonid Galperin (team leader) , MG Vladimir Belikov

angling instructors 
GMs Shtyrenkov and Yandemirov, the main singers who are responsible for psychological relief (in the background at the corner)  

Alexander Moiseenko (a big fan of fish soup) was responsible for ensuring that Ruslan was not even thinking about chess 

Meeting of the team: working out tactics
Ruslan felt — Ready to Rumble! 

Training is completed, we are ready for Dortmund… 

Please note that Ruslan Ponomariov abstained from alcoholic beverages during the preparation. 

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