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Olga Alexandrova

Since the beginning of 1999 I constantly take part in the round male tournaments in the boarding house «Kaissa» in Alushta. Thanks to those tournaments I grew up as a chess player. Good living conditions and food, kind attitude of the organizers and friendly surroundings among the participants of the tournaments practically always create favorable conditions for the game and thinking. I am sure that good traditions of the tournaments would be saved in future.

International Grandmaster Olga Alexandrova.

Ruslan Ponomariov

I was in «Kaissa» boarding house more than once: I played chess, hold training assemblies. Best climatic conditions in Alushta, warm — hearted attitude of the personnel of the boarding house contributed to good rest and creation on the chessboard.

Chess World Champion International Grandmaster Ruslan Ponomariov.

Veniamen Shtyrenkov

Many times I read and heard many different things about international tournaments in Alushta. And I want to say a couple of words. I didn't know what was before, I didn't get used to judge about what I didn't know or didn't see, but as the competitions where I took part the atmosphere of the FIDE style reigned. Atmosphere created by the organizer of the tournaments Mister Galperin was really kind heated and homelike, allow every participants feel at home. Here from the place of living to the canteen or the tournament hall only one minute walk. Here a very warm heated personnel. If you want to relax after game you can go to sauna or play tennis or billiards. No problem. Finally here is great nature and warm sea. So, the conditions for thinking are perfect. Another thing is how to combine incompatible to show good result and try all the temptation of the resort town? Personally I've never managed to do this. I remember 1984 on the competition in Eisk town on Azov Sea I lost so many figures as never before. But it's up to everyone. You have to pay for everything in this life moreover for pleasure. Only one think is very surprising for me that there are some «witty pumpkins» who interpret such «costs of sea productions» on the own manner. Maybe they judge by themselves. I can only advice those who hasn't played in Alushta come and do it.

International Grandmaster, ex-champion of Russia Veniamen Shtyrenkov.


Elina Danielian

What kind of impression could be if after the tournament in Alushta I went on the team European Championship in Plovdiv, where our team became a champion of Europe. I think that impression could be only perfect. I can't say that I played good in Alushta but nevertheless it was o good training. I liked the tournament because first of all there was a pure chess friendly atmosphere, secondary Alushta is just a very good city. I hope that I will have an opportunity to participate once again in such a tournament.

International Grandmaster Elina Danielian.

Vladimir Belikov

The Crimea is a blessed and healing region. The tournaments, which are in Alushta, gave an opportunity to feel the influence of this miraculous climate. Really caring warm- hearted atmosphere help to concentrate on the game and achieve maximum result that leads to the final aim. If you were there once, you would like to come here again.

International Grandmaster Vladimir Belikov.

Anthony Miles

Leaving Alushta International Grossmaster Anthony Milessaid only two Russian words: «Thank you very much!»

International Grandmaster, first Grandmaster England, Anthony Miles.

Gennady Kuzmin

I played many tournaments in Alushta. Perfect organization of the tournament, kind attitude of the staff of the «Kaissa» boarding house, gave an opportunity to young chess players to open their shills. It's not accidentally that many of them fulfilled their regular norm in Alushta. I often come here together with my pupils to breath this air, to swim in the sea, to walk along the sea-front.

International Grandmaster, well-known coach of USSR, Ukraine, Georgia Gennady Kuzmin.

Teimour Radjabov

With great pleasure I remember my participation in the traditional tournament in Alushta. The FIDE commission didn't allow to award me a rank of Grossmaster according to the results of the 23 games in my previous tournament, where I fulfilled the norm of GM. One game was enough to be awarded a rank of Grossmaster. At that moment I received the invitation to play in Alushta. The tournament was memorized by its perfect organization, comfortable staying, tasty food, caring personnel at the head of the director of tournament Mr. Galperin. The tournament itself was very interesting. I managed to play a number of creative games and fulfilled the final third norm of GM and became the youngest Grossmaster it the world! I wish organizers and participants further success in Alushta!

International Grandmaster Teimour Radjabov.

Sergey Karjakin

I fulfilled the norm of the International Master and than International Grossmaster in Alushta. Good conditions of the «Kaissa» boarding house and perfect organization of the tournaments contributed this. Most of the chess players, who fulfilled norms in Alushta show further good results. That's why, they say, Alushta brining luck. I love this town.

The youngest International Grandmaster in the world Sergey Karjakin.

Katherine Lahno

I like taking part in the tournaments on the Sea Shore at summer. If we can swim, it means that summer began. That's why I often choose Alushta. Especially great here is to spend there training assemblies. We feel here as we are working at home. And chess are pleasant. And also constant training is a table tennis. Besides, I noticed, the stronger you play table tennis the stronger you play chess. I think it's a result of annual assembly. Even if you can't play, you'll start doing this. After playing table tennis you start playing chess better. By the way, it was Alushta where I fulfilled my norms of International Grossmaster.

The youngest International Grandmaster in the world Katherine Lahno.

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