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Veniamen Shtyrenkov

Many times I read and heard many different things about international tournaments in Alushta. And I want to say a couple of words. I didn't know what was before, I didn't get used to judge about what I didn't know or didn't see, but as the competitions where I took part the atmosphere of the FIDE style reigned. Atmosphere created by the organizer of the tournaments Mister Galperin was really kind heated and homelike, allow every participants feel at home. Here from the place of living to the canteen or the tournament hall only one minute walk. Here a very warm heated personnel. If you want to relax after game you can go to sauna or play tennis or billiards. No problem. Finally here is great nature and warm sea. So, the conditions for thinking are perfect. Another thing is how to combine incompatible to show good result and try all the temptation of the resort town? Personally I've never managed to do this. I remember 1984 on the competition in Eisk town on Azov Sea I lost so many figures as never before. But it's up to everyone. You have to pay for everything in this life moreover for pleasure. Only one think is very surprising for me that there are some «witty pumpkins» who interpret such «costs of sea productions» on the own manner. Maybe they judge by themselves. I can only advice those who hasn't played in Alushta come and do it.

International Grandmaster, ex-champion of Russia Veniamen Shtyrenkov.

28.03.2010, 1364 просмотра.