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Kuzmin Gennady was born on 19th of January 1964 in Lugansk. In this city he has graduated from the general school №  2 in 1963. Through the all his activity Gennady Kuzmin is a professional chess player. He took part at different tournaments, represented our country at international tournaments in more than eighty countries and had succeeded greatly. Through all of his achievements we can delineate the following:
- The Champion of XXI World Chess Olympiad of 1974 (as a member of the country team of USSR. The members of the teams were A.Karpov, V.Korchnoi, T.Petrosyan, B.Spassky, M.Tal and G.Kuzmin) 
- Three times champion of the world among students (1966, 1967, 1968).
- Champion of Europe (1973)
- Six times Champion of the USSR
- The Champion the summer Olympiad of the nations of USSR (1979)
- Two times owner of the USSR Cup
- The Champion of USSR among youth (1963)
- The winner of many big international tournaments (Redgio-Emilia, Italy, 1976; Belgrad 1976; Havana, 1982; Istanbul, 1997, and other)
- Three times the Champion of Ukraine in personal tournaments, last time at 1999
- Six times the Champion of Ukraine as a member of the «Danko-Donbass» team, last time at 2001
- Prize-winner of the European Champions Cup at 1996.
- Gennady Kuzmin is an International Grandmaster since 1973.

Ragadless of his age he is an active chess player. Every year he participates at international tournaments of different levels.
The name of Gennady Kuzmin is famous in the world not only as a chess player but also as an international couch. He had trained hundreds of famous chess players. Among them are International Grandmasters Andrei Sokolov (Moscow) , Lidia Semenova (Kiev). One of his considerable training achievements — is the success of his student Maia Chiburdanidze from Tbilisi. During the time of their cooperation from 1984 till 1993 she had become the World Champion among women for three times.

At 1997 the nation team of Ukraine among women had taken the third place on the Europe Championship under his guidance.
1999 — he was the senior couch of the nation team of Ukraine among youth which had become the World Champion.
Today Gennady Kuzmin is:
- The Honoured couch of USSR (since 1991)
- The Honoured couch of Georgia (since 1984)
- The Honoured couch of Ukraine (since 1992)
Starting from 2000 he has started to train one of the most talented young chess player — International Grandmaster Ruslan Ponomariov from Kramatorsk. His victory at the World Championship is mostly the result of his trainings with Gennady Kuzmin.

Gennady Kuzmin, Ruslan Ponomariov, and Sergey Karjakin

The team of Ruslan Ponomariov on the World Championship 2001 (before the match with Ivanchuk Vassily)

Despite the full occupancy, participation in international tournaments, Gennady Kuzmin had brought a considerable impact on the development of chess in Lugansk.

He had trained such famous chess players as International Grandmasters Gennadi Ginsburg, Artur Frolov, Maria Nepeina, Valeriy Aveskulov, and many many others.

A considerable contribution Gennady Kuzmin had brought into the training of a young Lugansk citizane International Master Alexander Areshchenko, which at 2000 had become the world champion (till 14 years) , and twice the Europe champion at 2000 and 2001 (till 18 years)

Gennady Kuzmin has gained an authority and respect, his name is well known through all the world. Gennady is regularly taking part at tournaments in Alushta. He is also glad to share his experience and knowledge with the young chess players.

International Grandmasters Khurtsidse Nino, Alexandrova Olga and Lomineishvili Maja are being analyzing their games with Grandmaster Gennady Kuzmin on the tournament in Alushta

International Grandmaster Gennady Kuzmin are holding trainings with Grandmasters Efimenko Zahar, Areshchenko Alexander and Katherine Lahno at Kaissa boarding house 

International Master Alexander Alexikov (right-hand) — one of the leading trainers of Gennady Kuzmin school — is on the tournament in Alushta

Gennady Kuzmin school regularly holds its sessions in Alushta. Everybody who is interested can participate in it. Individual as well as group trainings are being held. The dates of session you can find at the calendar of the tournaments in Alushta. Sessions can also be held at other dates on the individual applications.