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Chess Festival "Alushta summer - 2014"(regulation)


The International Festival «Alushta summer 2014» will be held in Alushta town from May, 25 till September, 28, 2014. The venue for the festival and the place of accommodation is the «Kaissa» boarding house (Alushta, Pervomajskaya str. 32). 

Organizers of festival are Federation of chess of Crimea and chess club «The White Rook» (Alushta). 

Tournaments and prize fund: The festival consists of 32 tournaments: 

A-I. Rating tournaments 25.05-2.06, 3 -11.06, 13-21.06, 22-28.06, 2-10.09, 11-19.09, 20-28.09
A-II. Children's open tournaments 3.06–11.06, 13.06-21.06 (festival-1 and festival-2, see special regulation)
A-III. Tournaments with GM norm 25.05-2.06, 3-11.06, 13-21.06, 2-10.09, 11-19.09, 20-28.09
A-IV. Tournaments with IM norm 25.05-2.06, 3-11.06, 13-21.06, 2-10.09, 11-19.09, 20-28.09
B Open tournaments 22-28.06, 2-10.07 the Prize fund is 5000$ (see special regulation) 2-10.09, 11-19.09, 21-28.09
C. Blitz tournaments1.07, 11.07 

Tournaments A-I, A-III, A-IV is conducted according to the round system in 9-11 rounds. Tournaments A-II, B, C is conducted according to Swiss system in 9 rounds. All of tournaments, except for A- II and C are given on reckoning in FIDE. There is a general prize fund in the tournaments of B, for every tournament is 5000$ (1st 1000$, 2nd 800$, 3th 650$, 4th 400$, 5th 300$, 6th 250$, 7th 200$, 8th 200$, 9th 100$, 10th 100$). Also, the special prizes will be set for the best results among veterans, women, juniors, winners of ratings groups, for the best result among chess-players without rating (On a general sum of 1000$ in every tournament). The special child's prizes are set in the tournaments of A-II. Every participant can get only one prize (the greatest). At equality of points among two and more participants prizes are to be divided. The first round in all of tournaments begins in 14.30.

Control of time: Tournaments of A-I, A-II: 2 hours to the end of the game for every player plus 30 seconds for every move, A-III, A-IV, In: 1,5 hour to the end of the game, plus 30 seconds for every move. Tournaments C: 5 minutes for the whole game for every player.

Conditions of participation: All who are interested and accommodated through the organizers are admitted.
Tournament payment in the tournaments of A-I — 25$. (for players without rating of 30$)
Tournament payment in the tournaments of A-II, C — separate regulation (chess-players from Crimea are assumed without payment in the tournaments of A-II)
Tournament payments in the tournaments of A-III — 125$ (for chess-players with rating below 2400 — 150$, below 2350 — 175$)
Tournament payment in the tournaments of A IV — 100$ (for chess-players with rating below 2300 — 125$, below 2250 — 150$)
Tournament payment in the open tournaments of B — 50$ (for chess-players without rating 55$)
International Grand Masters and International Masters (men and women) resident in the «Kaissa»
boarding house are exempted from tournament payment (Tournaments B).

Accommodation: Participants are accommodated in the «Kaissa» boarding house. Chess-players who accommodate independently cannot participate. The cost of accommodation in the rooms for 2-3 persons with all the facilities per place in in June, September, from 10$ up to $19, in July from $12 to $22. More exact information is available is the price list of «Kaissa» boarding house.

It is possible to order a transfer from air-port «Simferopol» and from the railway station.

Note: Assured prize fund in the tournaments of B is to be paid on condition of participation of no less than 100 persons in the tournament. At diminishing of amount of participants, a prize fund diminishes proportionally (except for the open -tournament since 29.06 to 7.07 with a guaranteed prize fund of). 

All information on http://www.kaissa.com.ua e-mail: info@kaissa.com.ua telephone:                 +                 38 (06560) 5-05-32 mobile                  +                 38 0505828911 (for Russian speaking).